Dear Woodmark Construction:

It is my hope you will share this note with future clients of Woodmark, because the rarest of experiences has occurred not once but several times in our working relationship with you and your company on commercial and residential projects. We trust our contractor. Period.

As you know, our company is deeply involved in the creation of mass scale mixed use projects in urban markets across America, and we have not only dealt with residential contractors in several markets in our travels, but we were responsible for the construction of very high-end custom homes in Carefree, Arizona back in the day. Further increasing our ability to find fault with a contractor is the fact that our business is family based, meaning our work comes home and our home comes to work.

Rich, somehow, you mastered the work you performed at our office and home with skill, precision and a casual manner that makes you feel like a family member simply passing through. You define the scope of work with fairness and resolution to maintain the budget without prompting from us, and always brought the work in on the exact, and I mean exact number. That is so critical in creating trust. You have earned it, not to mention the final product is always gorgeous and a point of pride for all.

The other part of your program that is hard to define but present at all times, is the Woodmark ability to find creative, cost effective solutions that turn a project into a firm delivery scope and schedule that never lingers with questions or as an open purchase order. Signed, sealed and delivered.

We are very happy to endorse you and Woodmark and would never consider using any other company for all our commercial needs and residential wants.

With deep appreciation,





619 435 6410
619 435 6424 FAX

RE: Cerro De Alcala Homeowner Condo Repair

Dear Woodmark Construction:

I am a little delayed in writing to you about the really great crew of men who came to my condo recently to fix water leak damage in my bedroom.

I am extremely pleased and totally satisfied with every phase of the job they did in my home. I have never seen such team work. They went right to work when they arrived and I never heard them at all. They would come and go as they needed and there was respect for me, my home and each other, every minute they were here.
Richard, the crew’s boss called with an arrival time and his crew each knew their part in the repair each step of the way. Richard kept me posted and always arrived when he said he would. I noticed he never hovered but was constantly aware of the progress of the job.

I was surprised how they really covered my furniture and put plastic on the rug. They did this so fast. Mostly I was impressed and I want you to know how polite, quiet, caring and informative this crew was and they had over the top work ethics and respect for me, my home and what they were doing. They had integrity and I could not be happier. The job was done when promised and finished as promised. It is impossible to see where the damage was. This is the second time this water damaged needed to be fixed – obviously the first time it was not fixed. I saw the large hole in my wall and ceiling while they were fixing it and I am truly shocked now that I can look at the area and the ceiling with a magnifying glass and I can see no sign of any repair. And the paint perfectly matched. The job was done quickly, correctly and there was no mess or damage when they left.

Please tell these 4 gentlemen how great they are and how thrilled I am with each one who came to fix my water damage. Richard and his crew, David P., Martin J. and Jesse B was (sic) excellent in all ways! Also, as Jesse was cleaning up his paint brush, he noticed an area that needed to be freshened up. He asked me if I would like him to paint the area. I said yes and it took him only a few minutes. This was above and beyond – what a wonderful favor he did for me. Now I have a beautiful wall and ceiling – thanks to your great crew!
Nancy Cooksey

Rancho Mission Road
San Diego, CA


I want to thank you for your kind consideration, and professionalism, during the recent roofing project at 6385 Rancho Mission Road. Since I am handicapped and depend on my Time-Warner cable for my phones (emergency services), you made sure I was minimally inconvenienced!

THANKS!! Thanks also to your crew. They were helpful and always polite. They kept the public walkways clean and picked up all debris. (My home Health Care Aide cleaned my patio and all the crap that fell down the air-return when my A/C was removed).

As luck would have it, yesterday I had my semi-annual maintenance from SOUTHCOAST Heating and Air Conditioning. I told John, who has been doing my service for 6 years, to be sure to check all connections, especially the gas line to the furnace, since I did not know who had put my equipment back together. He told me everything was perfectly done, and not only that, it was one of the best re-roofing jobs he has seen! THANKS AGAIN!!

You will note that I am sending a copy of this email to Lauren at SUMMIT. If you ever need a personal referral from a home owner, I am your man.
Jon L. Wahlstrom

6385 Rancho Mission Road #3
San Diego, CA 92108-2020